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When Should You Consider an Auto Glass Replacement

Looking Through the Glass Clearly  

So you’ve never had to purchase auto glass before, and you’re really unsure where to start. The glass on your automobile protects you from wind, snow, rain, rocks, and all the other debris that may come flying into your car, or even give you that much-needed privacy. While they are designed to be durable, there’s always the possibility that during the lifetime of your vehicle you would need an auto glass replacement.

Ideally, these three instances below are the main signs that would require you to replace the glass and all of them concerns nothing more than that of your safety:

  • The crack is more than the length of a dollar bill
  • The crack or chip is deep that it penetrated more than halfway into the glass
  • The crack or chip extends to the outside edge

Other than safety, the above-mentioned issues could also affect your driving visibility. Some states have even laws banning cars with damaged glass parts, especially that of the windshield. To add, for aesthetic purposes, no car owner would be very proud to drive around in a car which a part of it is off.

While with the advent of technology, some serious problems with auto glass that were deemed in the past to be only remedied by replacing the entire thing can now be fixed. However, if one would be serious about safety and comfort, then, it is always best to follow the long-practiced and proven remedy of replacing a seriously broken or damaged auto glass.

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